Inspiration During the software development life cycle (SDLC) development teams need to migrate code between environments up to Production/LIVE on regular intervals and in agility methodology its goes like every month new changes in market. During the releases App Dev & support teams spend lot of time to validate the code deployed.

What it does Tool minimize the efforts needed and also reduce the human errors during environment validation post code migration across pipelines or in LIVE/Production. Load all rules by using PZInsKey for versioned and un-versioned rules like RS, RSV, DSS, DI, Data Tables, Application, Access Groups etc with have PZINSKEY and xml to view. Compare existence of rules and RSV in destination environment.

How we built it Using existing libraries in Pega

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of Improve efficiency and turnaround time is reduced by 80-90%. Implemented across all Pega applications within Bank of America.

What we learned, this tool saved lot of time during the major releases and also works in PEGA 7.1.8 through 8.3.2.

What's next for Release Verifier Patent Pending

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