"Releases" project tab panel is the only way to manage your releases in JIRA. JIRA project versions can be either "Unreleased" or "Released" - it's not enough when working the DevOps way using JIRA. In the "Release Board" add-on I've tried to improve the release management process in JIRA with basic, but still useful features.

What it does

With "Release Board" add-on you can:

  • track your project versions statuses on a kanban like board
  • add custom release workflow statuses to extend the existing "Unreleased" -> "Released" workflow
  • change version status on the board with drag&drop
  • see all built-in version's details on a board

How I built it

"Release Board" is built with React and javascript

Challenges I ran into

Lack of JIRA Cloud REST API to get data from "Releases" project tab panel to show it on a board

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Board UI looks like native JIRA one

What I learned

React drag&drop, JIRA Cloud API

What's next for Release Board for JIRA

  • search and filtering versions on a board
  • custom version properties
  • UI improvements
  • version for JIRA Server

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