When a light was shed on Toronto's homeless crisis for us three personally.

What it does

Releaf is a mobile Android application premised around sourcing community contributions for change through donations to local (or non-local) shelters, charities, and non-profits. Releaf looks to tackle arguably the most prevalent obstacles in receiving donations; convenience and need. By offering a platform to connect willing donors and in-need recipients, Releaf makes it not only simple and easy to help those in need but also ensures donations are necessary and meaningful.

How we built it

Interface and mobile app built in Java and Android Studio, with Google Maps API. Data and user authentication stored/verified through Firebase.

Challenges we ran into

Firebase, firebase, FIREBASE.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The functionality and polish we achieved in under 24 hours. Semi-finals for Super Smash Bros Tournament

What we learned

A lot about Android App Development, and the potential for change and impact three people can have in such a small period of time when motivated.

What's next for Releaf

Clean up the interface, partnering with companies to provide 'kickbacks' and incentivize users to donate more. Working with shelters and alike to provide a platform for them to submit requests to regularly (web application, mobile application, etc).

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