What it doesan application can be an intermediary between parents and children for this reason we named our application with "RELAY BANK". so these tools can help parents control the flow of money and make the sub portfolio.

the important point for the bank to invest in this project, it's the fidelity of childern to the bank. we use the AI to estimate and for the predection the value of the money children need it. and an chatbot for help customer to use our application

How we built it

Android application, API service of finestra, A service with python, nodeJs to consume the APIs in python we use (sci-kit learn, tensorflow, keras)

Challenges we ran into

the most Api of finistra

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our Demo on the store.

What we learned

how to use the APIs on NodeJS

What's next for Relay Bank

-fix the problem on the demo,

  • go to Atlanta -present our product with banks and financial word -find who can invest in our project

Built With

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