My desire to learn new technologies inspired me to participate in Hackathon.

This application enables users to select their favorite categories from the given list. From the given selection, the fortune wheel randomly picks a few tasks and displays them on the wheel. Once the user spins the wheel, the user has to do the task that the arrow points to.

This is a single page web application that is done in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript divided into two parts. The first part is the home page and get-started page where you pick your categories and the next part is the spinning wheel. The fortune wheel is created using HTML and Javascript.

We came across a few errors that were solvable, which cannot be seen as challenges.

Completing the work within the constrained time is the accomplishment that we can put on.

We can have a profile for each user, maintain a database that tracks user choices and tasks they do. Also, We can put up some stats based on the activities and interests.

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