A lot of people deal with stress and we decided to help people out and create a change by creating this website. Moreover, as high school students, we have met multiple people that are stressed.

What it does

The website includes multiple games and activities that help relieve stress. It's been proven that gaming helps with stress. Similarly, we created a contact page so that people could reach out to us and receive the help they need.

How we built it

We utilized html and css to create the website. Additionally, we utilized java script in order to create our games and activities.

Challenges we ran into

We had an extremely difficult time with the navigation bar as we couldn't position it properly and make it function properly. We also had a difficult time choosing a background that was transparent for the text.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the games and activities we created. We are also proud of the timer we created.

What we learned

The mentors thought us about positioning and this helped us a lot. Similarly, we learnt how to create a professional-looking navigational bar.

What's next for Relaxation Nation

We hope to make the website look more professional and helpful for individuals that are stressed out.

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