Inspiration: I was inspired by my personal experiences with visiting the doctor's office. I've noticed that the setting of a doctor's office causes unease or stress, and I concluded that the same applied for hospitals.

What it does: This app contains relaxing activities for kids while they wait to be treated in hospitals or simply when visiting the doctor's office. It contains a music player for soothing music, a selection of riddles, jokes, and fun facts.

How we built it: I used the Unity game engine, and the programming language I used was C#. I made a main menu with UI buttons to each page. The riddle, joke, and fact viewing pages were simple, and simply had a button to display the next slide. The music player simply stored all the music tracks in an array, and would skip to the next one after the previous one finished, and this could be done manually using 2 buttons. There was also a button to stop and play the music.

Challenges we ran into: The music player wasn't playing any audio at first, but I soon realized that I needed to add an audio source component to the gameobject. Also, the music player scene kept deleting itself and wasn't loading right. Restarting Unity fixed this issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: I'm proud that I was able to make this so quickly. I had the idea initially to make an online game network for patients at hospitals to play on and interact with. However, this task was too large for the time allowed, so I had to start fresh with this idea about three fourths of the way into the contest.

What we learned: I learned that I should know when a project is too big for a deadline. When I know the time we are allowed to work, I should plan accordingly, and remember that a smaller project is more suitable for a sooner deadline.

What's next for Relaxation App: This app can easily be expanded to include more types of activities, such as word searches or coloring, given more time. Given the time, I could flesh the app out further, improve the UI, and add more visual and auditory feedback.

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