RelateConnect is inspired by the many youths that went through a relationship prematurely and ended up scarring themself. RelateConnect isn't an app like Tinder, Bumble, etc. but its focused towards those who wants to go on a healthy, commitful relationship but falls hesitant for whatever reason., hence we call it "The Dating Companion App". We feel this topic is rarely discussed because we view it as part of "puberty" but the roots of some toxic relationships, abusive relationships, starts from not caring about this particular topic.

We followed one particular research from a Behavioural Scientist and Author "Logan Ury", we understood the "Three Tendencies of Dating" from her book "How To Not Die Alone". We based our database on her research and try to make it as objective as possible

We also followed our own personal experiences in dating, relationships w/o status, ending relationships prematurely, etc. to pursue the right features and find solutions to what could've been used back then. so you can bet your gits when we say it's personal and we want to make this work.

What it does

To put it simply it's a "Dating Companion App", this app have a couple of features we like to present:

  1. AI Date Planner, Plans a date itinerary automatically with the COHERE AI custom model we trained ourselves.
  2. Journal, Keeps track of every date impression or "go-outs" so you can reflect on how things have been going so far
  3. Three Dating Tendencies Quiz, Determines whether you are a Romanticizer, Maximizer, Hesitater (Try the app to find out what it means!)
  4. Text Rater (UNDER DEVELOPMENT), Gives a rating, and shows you how to improve your texting so you could convey your feelings better through text. Build in a (Q&A System with an AI)
  5. Calender Feature (UNDER DEVELOPMENT), Allows you to keep track of important dates, upcoming go-outs, special dates, etc. and gives you a daily reminder (A few days before the date) to keep you psoted and ready for the big day.

How we built it

We use next-js as our framework in this app building

  1. First We do the design and brainstorm our idea
  2. Then we setup our development environment (installing depedencies & creating next-js app)
  3. Then we connect our app to database using firebase firestore
  4. We setup our next-auth and connect it using google cloud and github auth
  5. Then we create our Three Dating Tendencies Quiz
  6. And we create journaling app too.
  7. We create a model training data to be fed at our custom model from co-here ai
  8. We train our model at co-here ai
  9. after all of that we're ready to create AI Date planner app
  10. and last but not least we tried to develop AI based chat text rater & date calendar (for date reminder)

Challenges we ran into

Many bugs and error that we run into but proud to say we all have already solved that

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having our app up and running in this 36 hours hackathon

What we learned

  • To work as a teamates
  • How to colaborate more effeciently
  • first time using the Next.js Framework

What's next for Relate Connect

  • Integrating the app more between partner
  • Train a better ai for this app
  • Make this app natively mobile (not PWA)
  • add more features that can tighten a realtionship between a partner

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