As we were looking through data sources that we can make data visualizations out of for nwHacks2020, we realized how many tabs were open when trying to find related sources. We wanted an app that would make researching cleaner and easier.

What it does

Relatable is a tool that can be added as an extension of your Google Chrome. It helps you with finding relatable sources to the current one that you are looking at on your Chrome browser.

You simply go to an article that you are interested in reading, and when you simply click on the Relatable logo on your Chrome browser, you will get a list of other relatable sources to your that article.

How we built it

We chose Chrome as our browser of choice for creating this extension. The main reason for choosing this is that it contained a large user base (refer to Chrome extensions require the use of JavaScript and so we had to formulate our middleware and the use of HTML to create the popup GUI to display the information to the user.

For the back end, we decided to create a rest API out of Python with Flask. We chose Python and Flask because they were familiar to us and we wanted to host our rest API from the local machine for easier, less-problematic, implementation between the back and front-end within the allotted timeframe.

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning, we had a hard time brainstorming a project idea. When we later finalized our project idea, we had a hard time getting everything to work while learning some technologies we never worked with (Flask, pyTextRank, Google Chrome Extension, and more). Learning them for the first time and getting them to work the way we wanted them to take a lot of our time

What's next for Relatable

To further improve Relatable, we would like to add the functionality to add and remove keywords our extension outputs and allow the user to re-search for sources. This would allow the user to have a more refined search that allows users more control and flexibility when using Relatable.

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