End-users in crypto have not recieved as much support and enlightenment as crypto projects when it comes to scurity tool. Security tooling for end-users are not a pedantic subject because users deserve to protect their assets P2P whereas relying on the security of the platforms they invest in. From the CEX era to the cross-chain bridge era, exploits, scams, and hacks in crypto are not going anywhere, making opportunity for infrastructure solutions real for consumer protection.

What it does

The data portal is an on-chain tool that imports API data from various sources (i.e, Coinmarketcap, DeFi Llama, Bitquery) and helps crypto users DYOR on crypto projects (DeFi, NFTs, alt-coins).

How I built it

Python, Solidity, Javascript, Webflow, and analytics using Covalent API.

Challenges I ran into

Migrating the Sigma wireframe into our Webflow instance.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

At first our intention was to launch the data portal on the ETH blockchain for exposure. Thanks to Aurora EVM, we've primed it for the ETH ecosystem by way of NEAR.

What I learned

We didn't know about Black IDE until we started working on this project. The interface has user-friendly UI so we used it instead of solely relying on VS code.

What's next for Rektify AI Data Portal

The v1 official soft launch for waitlisted beta testers in a couple months. If you check out our website we have a waitlist option, preferably for people who already have experience in the crypto space.

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