1 in every 4 drivers in America will experience a car crash at least one time in their lives, with many of these people being involved in more than one accident. Many new and inexperienced drivers are unsure of what to do after an accident, and most of the time they become confused and start to panic. This widespread problem became apparent to us when we recently got into a car accident. After the incident, we were unsure of what we actually needed to do and what information we needed to collect, and we even were too shocked to quickly let our parents know what had happened. Therefore, we decided to create an iOS application to solve this issue by providing a platform for drivers to efficiently go through the process after a car accident.

How we built it

We created Rekt, a revolutionary approach to car accidents, as it introduces a streamlined way to help new and inexperienced drivers with accident logistics. Once the app opens up, the user can immediately call 911 by holding and swiping on the big red button if it is a major accident, and they can also instantly text whoever they have listed as their loved ones by clicking the button. Using the Google Maps API, the user’s current location will be automatically sent to their loved ones in the text. Our app makes it much more efficient for users to communicate even if they experience shock after the crash.

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