A lot of us on the team enjoy watching YouTube videos and consuming digital content at a high rate. We noticed that despite the massive amount of audio/video content online available through sites like YouTube, most of the conversation and networking surrounding this content is currently passive. We wanted to identify a way to establish stronger and more immersive friendships while discussing video and musical content to further global connections.

What it does

Rekindly is a global platform that allows people to connect with others around the world who have shared interests. Rekindly enables people to discover and discuss new media alongside new potential friends in real-time!

How we built it

(Optional System Design Presentation -

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  • We used React to build the UI and our interactive globe

alt text

  • We used Node/Express for our back-end to handle the Socket connections and distribute real-time information about our live rooms

alt text

Challenges we ran into

  • Ensuring that the Socket connection could handle the creation of rooms and storing approximate locations across the globe
  • Planning the UI to make it simple for users to navigate to and select different rooms to join.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting the videos synced across locations
  • Presenting the globe in a manner so that users could find new video and audio to listen to along with potential connections

What we learned

  • React, web sockets, communication, real-time data streaming
  • How social networking tools can impact human connectivity in ways we hadn't imagined before

What's next for

  • Recommendations and filtering for different types of content rooms people can join
  • Building a mobile app with React Native
  • Video chat integration
  • Integration with other video streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu
  • Use the Spotify API to add new songs to your account

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