The loneliness epidemic is a real thing and you don't get meaningful engagements with others, just by liking and commenting on Instagram posts, you get meaningful engagement by having real conversations with others, whether it's a text exchange, phone call, or zoom meeting. This project was inspired by the idea of reviving weak links in our network as described in The Defining Decade "Weak ties are the people we have met, or are connected to somehow, but do not currently know well. Maybe they are the coworkers we rarely talk with or the neighbor we only say hello to. We all have acquaintances we keep meaning to go out with but never do, and friends we lost touch with years ago. Weak ties are also our former employers or professors and any other associations who have not been promoted to close friends."

What it does

This web app helps bridge the divide between wanting to connect with others, to actually connecting with others. In our MVP, the Web App brings up a card with information on someone you are connected to. Users can swipe right to show interest in reconnecting or swipe left if they are not interested. In this way the process of finding people to reconnect with is gamified. If both people show interest in reconnecting, you are notified and can now connect! And if one person isn't interested, the other person will never know ... no harm done!

How we built it

The Web App was built using react and deployed with Google cloud's Firebase

Challenges we ran into

We originally planned to use Twitters API to aggregate data and recommend matches for our demo, but getting the developer account took longer than expected. After getting a developer account, we realized that we didn't use Twitter all that much, so we had no data to display. Another challenge we ran into was that we didn't have a lot of experience building Web Apps, so we had to learn on the fly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came into this hackathon with little experience in Web development, so it's amazing to see how far we have been able to progress in just 36 hours!

What we learned

REACT! Also, we learned about how to publish a website, and how to access APIs!

What's next for Rekindle

Since our product is an extension or application within an existing social media, Our next steps would be to partner with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other social media sites. Afterward, we would develop an algorithm to aggregate a user's connections on a given social media site and optimize the card swiping feature to recommend the people you will most likely connect with.

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