We've always found the intersection of health and technology to be fascinating, so we wanted to explore the very boundaries of it, and create an app that improves peoples health. This was all the inspiration we needed!

What it does

We take data from health sources, community members, and machine learning and apply this towards a suggestion model that can help predict what foods/recipes can best help you feel better!

How we built it

We made use of lots of web technologies like flask, requests, etc. We also used allot of python to create our own API for getting our web data we used during the project. Vue.js was used in this project to create the entire front end, and mobile apps for iOS and Android have been made!

Challenges we ran into

We had challenges with gathering the data/putting it together with the correct relationships. Data science is an amazing platform that we have not worked with in the past but we were excited to work with it this time around!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We accomplished a fully working demo with a working database, web app, mobile apps. And we learned allot of new technologies in the meantime!

What we learned

We learned allot of data science and how you can apply that into a software application. We also learned about how to program a dynamic front end with Vue.js. Working with swift was out of our experience, but we were excited to have it running on the iOS platform.

What's next for Rejuvenating Recipes

The next things for our project would be to include a better machine learning model, one that is trained with highly confident data, and could better serve those who used the app.

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