The inspiration

Not exclusively but more importantly during periods of crisis such as the one we are facing today, unfortunately many people lose their jobs. On the other hand there are industries that are more than ever in need of man power.

Rejob is aiming to solve this imbalance and many other issues!

The solution

Rejob is the solution for everyone looking to find a job or want to post an open position. The platform offers an efficient way to match the users to the best job offerings based on their skills, past jobs and region.

How is Rejob different?

The key of our platform stands in the matching algorithm that takes into consideration skills, past jobs, field of works and many other attributes that the user has/ is searching for.

Unlike LinkedIn or similar platforms, Rejob provides a quick and easy solution for everyone from every social sphere to be able to look for a job. It is meant to facilitate the search by offering an intuitive and simplistic design that can be used by anyone.

Also, Rejob offers a much needed management tool for volunteering work. It is an easy way to post and apply to volunteering work of any kind.

How is Rejob helping in crisis situations?

Rejob has been designed to function in critical economical and health related situations such as the coronavirus pandemic that we sadly are experiencing. Therefore, Rejob facilitates transitioning from a job to another, especially ones that are very important in those situations.

Jobs that are on high demand in periods such as this one are suggested first to people searching. Our aim is for those job offerings to be first ones taken.

Also, we thought the region facet as of now to be limited to the county / city / nearby cities that the users searching for jobs are living in so that we are compliant to the restrictions put in place.

The value of Rejob after the crisis

We designed Rejob for people that want to change their jobs to more suitable ones, people that have sadly lost their jobs for whatever reason, people that want to contribute to different causes through volunteering, for employers that want a transparent way to choose their candidates and that want an easy way to post job offering.

Those issues need a solution most urgently during a crisis situation, but they do not exist only in this context.

What is next for Rejob?

The region facet is extendable so that anyone searching for a job / posting a job is able to do so everywhere in the world. We intend to add in the future the feature to set up a meeting with the employer based on the available days the employer includes on a post offerings.

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