I was competing in the Internet H20 challenge before for collecting bio sensor data, and one of the problems with my device is the signal was lost in around 9.7 seconds when deployed underwater. Another thing that inspired me is how outdated the grid and telecommunication systems are.

What it does

I wanted to build a digital to analog converter that worked with a sonar and optical sensor that when deployed underwater it can have a better signal.

How I built it

I used a Wio-Link dev kit, an Optical Biosensor, sonar sensor, PHAT IOT shield, a MSP430G TI dev board, and soldered a custom converter. All code is in C, the Arduino language, Java (Rest APIs), and Shell script.

Challenges I ran into

I was able to get to the 59.6 second mark for a signal but when I tried getting it out of the water, the top "seal" screwed off and during the retrieval process short circuited the electronics. This was mostly likely due to not enough special area to tighten the seal all the way through. If I had a bigger enclosure this probable wouldn't have happened, but my original designs didn't call for the space the converter took.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was still able to beat my past record and if I decided to retrieve it later it probably would have been much longer.

What I learned

Be careful with a 3D print file and work more on doing some testing from an industrial design point of view, also valuable time management skills

What's next for Reinvent the Internet

I had the stretch goal of having a point to point system where a hardware piece instead of WiFi is interacting with the node to get a signal. This is very feasible but I haven't got the chance to finish that in this Hackathon because of time constraints. I definitely plan on building a much better enclosure (bigger and more spatial) and then entering the Mozilla WINs challenge. I believe we can create peer 2 peer decentralized systems for a distributed internet in the future where we can communicate and transfer data from one end point to another without the need of telecom towers. This to me will be the future of internet.

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