Inspiration/Motivation: Some members of our team have part-time jobs working for smaller local businesses and many of us help with our families financing so we know from experience, just how bad of a year 2020 was for small businesses and households. We wanted to create a tool not only that we could use for ourselves, but for everyone to use in 2021 in order to start the year off right. 2020 was undoubtedly a miserable year for everyone and what we strived to do, is to allow the new year of 2021, be a new beginning, and a fresh start to a great year.

Our app allows users to scan and upload images of receipts and expenses in order to save and automatically keep track of purchases made. Our app takes the image provided by the user and runs it through Google's vision API and using our original source code, determines the important information and saves it to a database for safe storage and viewing. Our app also allows for bills to be split into multiple portions in order for group purchases to be simple and easy to undertake. It utilizes an original javascript program to run automatic calculations on inputs provided by our previously mentioned saved data. The user can enter in the tax percentage and which purchases were made by who in order to immediately calculate how much everyone bought and how much they need to pay. Our app also has a spreadsheet deployment feature that automatically begins listing the data gathered by our code onto a spreadsheet file in order for businesses and households alike to easily sort and manage the data when accounting and financing are needed for tax season. We developed our own script in order to utilize the google sheets API and allow for sleek transitions from image to spreadsheet.

Our app was built using HTML/CSS for the front-end web application where we designed a user-friendly interface that has a modern aesthetic that is easy on the eyes, as well as simple and convenient navigation features. The back-end was developed using Javascript and Python to write our own programs and scripts to connect our front-end and back-end through Flask. We used Google Vision API and Google Sheets API for our back-end processing and successfully applied it and connected it fluidly with our front-end.

Some challenges that we faced included issues with the API calls and correctly extracting only the important information from the receipts as the layout of each receipt varied.

What we have planned next for ReInfo would be the development of a mobile app. This would allow a wider audience and allow easier use of our app since a mobile app is more convenient to use. We also would like to implement more features such as the introduction of a rewards system with real sponsors in order to incentivize using our app to save money.

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