Our inspiration mainly comes from the fact that Sogeti was using a heavily outdated system for enabling reimbursements. After speaking to regular users of the system, we found that they were wasting way too much time than necessary for claiming their expenses.

What it does

Our application has a simple and intuitive user interface, for making our user has a smooth experience when claiming their expenses.

How we built it

We make use of OCR to automate most of the forms that have to be filled. We also have a system which, based on previous declarations, can determine whether expenses should be manually checked or not

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have improved significantly in terms of ease and speed compared to the previous system

What we learned

What's next for ReimburseMe

We want to connect ReimburseMe to Google Assistant for an even more automated and seemless experience

Built With

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