We thought this challenge required a doctor's perspective too. So this design is a confluence of the ideas of a developer and a doctor to re-imagine clinical trial information. We have tried to minimise clutter in this design allowing the patient to understand the process of clinical trials. To help them comprehend the process, we have done a set of things:

  1. Hyperlink the technical terminology to the relevant Wikipedia pages. Also provide a Glossary to smoothen the understanding process.

  2. Integrate the medical history (calendar) at the bottom of the webpage to help the patient keep it in the backdrop while answering the "Eligibility Questionnaire".

  3. Provide Eligibility data as a questionnaire. This would keep the burden on the patient at a minimum. They would answer a series of Yes/No question and in the end would be told whether they are eligible for the study or not.

  4. We have a section called "Why Participate?" that intends to communicate the spirit of clinical trials to the patients and help them understand what they are helping achieve and how would they benefit.

  5. We have kept paragraphs of text at bay, wherever possible. This is reflected in the "Risks" section where we provide the risks associated with each drug in a collapsible tree layout. Lets make this look simple and easy to understand.

  6. All said and done, we provide the location of the trial facility relative to the patient's residence. Another attempt to smoothen the patient's journey.

  7. For any more queries, the patient is provided with an option to contact the sponsor of the study directly in the "Contact Us" section.

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