Setting up a full repo for any projects that need revision control is way too complicated for the uninitiated.

What it does

It allows users who have no idea how to use revision control the ability to have a small version of it.

How we built it

Using C++ on Linux Mint, this allowed us

Challenges I ran into

Qt Creator was a bit a challenge at first, but after that it was really the fact that I was in a trail by fire

Accomplishments that I'm proud of the fact that at the start of this weekend I had no idea about the basics of C++, Qt, or nemo were and now I can add C++ and Qt Creator to my tool box, and I can add some pretty neat features to my linux flavours.

What I learned

Mario: C++, because I have never used it before this weekend. Also Qt and what it brings to C++, along with what signals and slots are.

What's next for Rehistoric

The next big thing would be cross platform functionality to have versions for both OSX and Windows.

Built With

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