It can often be hard to prepare for interviews, and other speaking roles, especially during covid when there are fewer people to practice with. So, we thought that we would create a simple tool that analyzes your interviewing skills in real-time using various google cloud apis.

What it does

At the moment, the app gives the user a quick look into their general overall emotion, their emotions over time, and some simple tips on how to potentially better present.

How we built it

In the MEAN web app, we built the frontend with javascript, html and css and used node.js to communicate with gcp through their cloud vision and speech-to-text apis.

Challenges we ran into

We spent the majority of our time working on hosting the node.js app, as neither of us had done it before. A massive amount of time was spent on troubleshooting deploying the app with GCP, and in the end, after a lot of struggling, we surrendered to a different hosting platform (Heroku).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are both proud of our ability to work together as a team, alongside the fact that we were able to create a functioning project that was primarily focused on using tools that neither of us were very familiar with before-hand.

What we learned

Neither of were very familiar with the Google Cloud Platform we started this project, so we learned a lot about both the platform in general, and the various different tools it offers, including a massive suite of apis and hosting options. Through this project, we also refined out javascript and node.js skills, alongside learning how to actually host an individual node.js app online.

What's next for Rehearse Space

We definitely plan to better integrate the speech-to-text API, and combine it with the google cloud natural language API, to also provide real-time data on the emotions involved in your speaking, providing even more useful information to better practice interviews and "public" speaking.

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