There are a lot of rehab facilities and patients with vision problem that spend days, months or even years in rehabilitation. Could there be a simple program that makes their stay in the rehabs more enjoyable while simultaneously test their visual capability?

This program is a prototype that does it. It is developed with Unity and Oculus VR. It places the patient in a soothing, nature environment outside the boring rehab facility. Meanwhile, it also conducts simple vision test for patients to see if their visual capability has improved. The vision test is done by showing random blue cubes around the environment. The patient need to try to find and look at them. Each time they succeed, the environment become slightly darker to make it more difficult for them to find the next target.

This project itself is only a simple prototype. There are a lot of features that can be added for future revisions. For example, you can add different environments, you can have moving squares, you can have the program require user to remain fixated on the cubes for a longer period of time. It can also be turned into multiplayer that allow patients to compete with each other. I also believe this program, with finer tuning, can be brought into everyday life.

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