The inspiration for RehabiliNation comes from a mixture of our love for gaming, and our personal experiences regarding researching and working with those who have physical and mental disabilities.

What it does:

Provides an accessible gaming experience for people with physical disabilities and motivate those fighting through the struggles of physical rehabilitation. It can also be used to track the progress people make while going through their healing process.

How we built it:

The motion control arm band collects data using the gyroscope module linked to the Arduino board. It sends back the data to the Arduino serial monitor in the form of angles. We then use a python script to read the data from the serial monitor. It interprets the data into keyboard input, this allows us to interface with multiple games. Currently, it is used to play our Pac-man game which is written in java.

Challenges we ran into:

Our main challenges was determining how to utilize the gyroscope with the Arduino board and to trying to figure out how to receive and interpret the data with a python script. We also came across some issues with calibrating the motion sensors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Throughout our creation process, we all managed to learn about new technologies and new skills and programming concepts. We may have been pushed into the pool, but it was quite a fun way to learn, and in the end we came out with a finished product capable of helping people in need.

What we learned

We learned a great amount about the hardware product process, as well as the utilization of hardware in general. In general, it was a difficult but rewarding experience, and we thank U of T for providing us with this opportunity.

What's next for RehabiliNation

RehabiliNation will continue to refine our products in the future, including the use of better materials and more responsive hardware pieces than what was shown in today's proof of concept. Hopefully our products will be implemented by physical rehabilitation centres to help brighten the rehab process.

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