The National Restaurant Association reports that repeat customers make up over 60% of sales, but that maintaining customer loyalty is more difficult than ever.

Our solution: REGULARS

REGULARS uses Apple iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy technology to help restaurants keep track of their customers and reward customer loyalty.

Here's how it works:

Within minutes of arriving, you'll automatically receive a welcome prompt to open the app and immediately receive info about that restaurant - you won't have to select from a list of nearby restaurants - there's no need to remember to open the app each time, no need to log in or check in. You can unlock deals like free drinks and appetizers based on how many times you've visited and see any specials the restaurant is currently offering.

High-end restaurants, or those that want to provide a more personal touch, can also use REGULARS to track what individual customers order. This allows them to offer more personalized suggestions for upselling additional menu items, offering personalized rewards, and adding notes about customers' preferences and allergies.

Living in a big city, it's hard to get the small-town feel of going where everyone knows your name. REGULARS brings that back - restaurant managers can modify settings to receive push notifications when frequent customers arrive, or when those who haven't been there for a while come back. Restaurants can also send targeted push notifications advertising deals to regular customers who haven't been there in a while, encouraging them to come back.

REGULARS brings customer relationship management to the restaurant industry, providing restaurants with an unprecedented amount of data.

We're REGULARS, and we're all about bringing you closer to your favorite restaurants.

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