Working on a Group Project is a time rush! With multiple classes each having multiple projects, keeping track of all of them is an impossible task. Usually, not every person contributes and it all falls on a single individual to finish it. We thought what if we could have a program that could help you list tasks, identify one's strong suits, and then help distribute the tasks so as the group makes maximum use of the time and brings out the best quality output. That is when ReGroup was born, the solution to every group project horror!

What it does

ReGroup is a website where members can have an online medium to keep track of their group projects. It is simple to use and easy to surf. A Group project profile is created with a title and description of the project and then adding members to the project profile. Then the tasks and sub-tasks to be covered in the project are listed under the group dashboard. The deadline is set for the whole project and accordingly, a progress bar is added to the dashboard to keep track of the overall progress. Group members drag tasks from the listed tasks to their profile columns. Profile columns display for every member the tasks they have completed, the ones they are currently working on and the ones yet to be opened. it also shows how much time an individual spent on their assigned task. If a member is unable to perform a task they can reassign it to another member.

How we built it

ReGroup is a web application built with Elm, Tailwind, and AdobeXD. AdobeXD was used to create the design of ReGroup. Elm and Tailwind were both used to generate the HTML and CSS respectively for the project. The backend was implemented with Rocket, a Rust framework for secure web apps.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into was accomplishing this project within 36 hours. Because of the complexity of this project, creating ReGroup to the vision we had would’ve been nearly impossible. We decided to pivot and focus on the requirements and design of the project, rather than get bogged down by the technical details.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

An accomplishment we are proud of is starting from a small idea and turning it into a solution that solves real problems current college students are facing, including ourselves.

What we learned

Through completing this project, we have learned how to create web pages with Elm, style web pages with Tailwind, and design a full project with AdobeXD.

What's next for ReGroup

In the future we plan on implementing user sign up/login to allow for a more personalized experience for each user. We also plan on including a live messaging feature so that everyone in the group can stay connected.

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