Our inspiration stems from Apollo17 last mission to the moon and around our passion for the arts. Hedy Lamarr was a role model for her role in the arts and innovation that was also inspiring to attempt to combine STEM with the arts.

What it does

It is an interactive art display, in which images from Apollo17 will be uploaded and transformed into a polygonal art piece that can be drawn by our Rover onto 2D vertical and horizontal spaces utilizing different mediums. We also incorporated augmented reality to display factoids.

How we built it

On the software side, we are using Echo 3D to display facts like the one you just saw via augmented reality. Gimp was used to convert our Apollo 17 image to create its polygonal art style. We then used Inkscape to convert the rasterized Apollo image to a vector image. From there piTorch imports that vector image and graphs the image. That data will be used to drive our vehicle.

For the hardware our vehicle runs off of a Raspberry Pi using raspbian. In which, we have connected that to a breadboard that interfaces with a L9110 Motor Driver that allows us to control our car.

Challenges we ran into

A couple challenges we ran into was the lack of time and the availability of resources within that time, we were unable to get the pieces necessary to complete the project. Therefore, we substituted some of the needed parts for similar parts. Due to the substitutions, we had to redesign and reevaluate on how to piece together our rover.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite not being able to complete the project, we are proud of how cohesively we worked together as a team for the first time meeting each other. We definitely developed some great team building skills. Also allotted the time given and lack of resources, we are proud how far we have gotten in getting the rover to work, as we got the motor to run.

What we learned

We learned team building and new software skills for design, as well as gaining exposure to new hardware components we have never used before. We learned to problem solve under pressure.

What's next for Regolith Reality Art

  • Bringing Mars to the Community.
  • Complete the vehicle and consider mediums and applicators
  • Collaborating with local artists, engineers, students, schools with funded support to replicate robot and code
  • Sending a rover to other cellestial bodies to create art

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