The Covid-19 crisis hit everyone very hard but especially small, local businesses and self-employed individuals who lost their entire revenue. We (a highly motivated team consisting of 9 individuals) developed a platform that gives these business the opportunity to get support from their community during this hard time.

What it does

Our platform allows small businesses to ask for support from their community. 1) They can easily create & sell vouchers which help them to increase liquidity today and reward the supporters tomorrow. 2) They can create campaigns to tell their individual story and get direct financial support by their community.

How we built it

We had the idea already last week and formed a big and strong team around We used a framework to quickly get online and have lasting impact for local businesses. We managed to do it that quickly due to our strong team (from great design capabilities over strong marketing & business skills to technical brilliancy.

Challenges we ran into

Working together in a distributed team across two countries is a huge challenge. We quickly needed to organize ourselves, splitted up in 6 different work streams and intrdouced check-in meetings every 4 hours.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we created in such a short time period and already got a lot of possitive feedback from local businesses.

What we learned

Creativeness, speed and commitment only comes with the following: 1) We all believe in the greater purpose of our doing 2) We focused on creating one puzzle piece for helping mitigate some consequences of the Corona crisis 3) With the right team you can move mountains

What's next for RegioFund

We are online already. Next step is to become BIG. With your support (e.g. local news, etc.) we want to make one of the core vehicles to help local business to survive the crisis.

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