It is difficult to find stores selling food from regenerative farms. Agriculture Associations, Government and Environmental groups could use their marketing dollars to invest directly into regenerative farming by subsidizing regenerative food purchases at vetted retail stores.

Regenerative food is good for the environment, carbon capture, biodiversity and nutrition for all life.

What it does

A) dApp locates local, vetted retail stores selling verified regenerative farm food. B) dApp captures moments of supply chain metrics using blockchain.

C) Token offering on Shopify Example: a marketing campaign is sponsored by the provincial Agricultural Association. With our help, the Agricultural Association is selling tokens on Shopify to increase sales of regenerative farm food. For every $25- token purchased on Shopify by a consumer, they will increase the redemption value by $25, thus making the token worth $50-.

Our service has written a smart contract with a unique ID for every token purchase. Also included is a smart contract trigger to pay the retail store $50 immediately, with each token redeemed. Fraud is prevented in token ID validation.

What happens: the customer choses the vetted retail location to spend the $50 value token on regenerative food, redeems token at store, our smart contract triggers immediate disbursement to the retail store of $50, paid by the Agricultural Association.

It’s a win-win scenario. The sponsoring Agricultural Association has rich data and campaign effectiveness captured in the blockchain token transactions. The retail store enjoys increased customer traffic redeeming tokens. Our dApp supply chain service alerts customers to new arrivals enticing quick purchases so that food does not spoil on shelf.

How we built it

We created our online store with Shopify We've developed our ERC20 Token with Hardhat

Challenges we ran into

The learning curve on blockchain technology as none of us were experts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Developing a marketing campaign using token sale and redemption that could easily be replicated across many different product lines needing promotion.

What we learned

The ability to translate languages on Shopify's site makes our project a global opportunity. ERC20 token minting.

What's next for Regenerative Farm

A fully functional dApp with supply chain tracking services and store location finder. Working with agencies wanting to promote their products using our token purchase/redemption model. Add a DAO for governance.

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