Since the Industrial Age, we have been destroying our planet faster and faster. People are not sufficiently aware of this and most of them have an unsustainable living style, which has been stimulating climate change and global warming.

What it does

Through the game Regeneration, we hope to alert people to the issue and motivate them to live sustainably, by letting them participate in the long term process themselves.

How we built it

We wrote the core of our game in Python at first in order to test game balancing and playability. Afterwards we transferred our idea to web and made it a web game.

Challenges we ran into

Environment and sustainability are complex issues and many factors are interlinked with each other. This requires us to come up with numerous functions between factors. We did intensive research to ensure the data are as accurate as possible.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We produced a very good trailer for our game in a very short time so that we have time to focus on our core programming part.

What we learned

Use HTML and JavaScript to develop light web games.

What's next for Regeneration

A leaderboard system implementing database and API to motivate people to play (in progress).

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