What inspired us

We believe everyone has the right to have access to food, specially during a crisis. Despite the fact that food is a basic need, the Coronavirus situation has pushed 40% of the population towards food insecurity, for economic, social or supply reasons. The role of healthy agriculture for people and ecosystems is a priority for building resilient societies against the pandemic. It is such a fragile co-dependent relationship and yet every year we are destroying our planet and we need to use this crisis as an opportunity to rethink our relationship to nature while living a healthy life.

So now?

There is a double risk: the loss of small organic producers and the difficulty of vulnerable consumers to access healthy food. What if we connect them to reduce food insecurity? What if we create the proper channels and incentivize producers to reduce food waste and transition towards a more profitable agriculture?

Our solution

Food Hack is a platform that connects you with local producers and knowledge by:

  • Mapping organic producers in your area. Now you can get access to them!
  • Generating and sharing toolkit and resources to boost the regenerative agriculture production. Why not be part of it?
  • Enabling the match with innovative financial mechanism.
  • Creating unity and a platform where farmers have a voice and can negotiate fair prices for their products

What's next for Food Hack

  • Finding and identifying local producers
  • Setting up the technical platform
  • Conception of the marketing strategy to get companies on the platform (reaching critical mass)
  • Conception of the marketing strategy to get customers on the platform
  • Opening of social media channels

Built With

  • agriculture
  • economy
  • english
  • food
  • hunger
  • regeneration
  • spanish
  • vulnerability
  • wide-social-network
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