With the drastic increase in mental health among people, especially in young adults, our team felt passionate about tackling the issue in a innovative, impactful way. Social media usage is rampant and people do not have nearly as much social interaction as they once did. This brings forth a culture of not dealing with one's feelings and overal decrease in mood. There is currently a lot of stigma around mental health problems, creating a huge barrier between endangered people and them seeking the help they need too.

Our team aims to transform the way people can get emotional support and continue to live happy lives.

What it does

Claire is a modern and secure diary to record memories, express emotions, and provide immediate support. After creating a diary entry, the user receives Youtube video recommendations that address their thoughts and feelings. Claire's platform also provides analytics and visualizations on the user's mood over time.

How we built it

The platform was built with a front-end in HTML/CSS and Javascript, and Flask and Python on the server-side. GCP and Azure was used for sentiment analysis and the site was deployed via Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

One challenge we ran into was managing our abilities! There was so much to do and constrained time, so making sure we were communicating as a team and staying on top of action items was critical!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are so proud to have built a fully functional program in which building tested our limits and encouraged a lot of learning.

What we learned

We learned that with hard work and the right attitude, anything is achievable!

What's next for

Going forward, Claire is looking for funding to continue it's growth and development as a platform and champion for mental health.

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