## Inspiration According to the United Nations in 2013– Global forced displacements tops over fifty million for the first time since the second world war . The largest groups are from Afghanistan, Syria, and Somalia. A large percentage of the people leaving these war-torn countries apply to be refugees but sadly only a small percentage are accepted, this is because of the amount of people that can be accepted and the extensive time to get accepted to be refugee for. The processing time for refugees to come to Canada can take up to fifty-two months and multiple trips to the visa office that can be stationed countries away, interviews, and background checks.

As hackers it is our moral obligation to extend our hand to provide solutions for those in need. Therefore, investing our time and resources into making RefyouFree come to reality would substantially help the lives of individuals looking to refuge or asylum. With so many individuals that are experiencing the hardship of leaving everything behind in hopes for a better future they need all the assistance they can get. Children that are brought up in war-torn countries only know of war and believe that their reason for being alive is to either run away or join the war. There is so much more to life than just war and hardships and RefYouFree will support refugees while finding a better reason for being alive. With this mobile application, there is a way for individuals to message their families, call them, find refuge, and have real-time updates of what is happen around them.

## What it does The purpose of RefyouFree – is to provide a faster, and a more convenient resource to allow those in need to apply to countries as refugee’s to start a better life. It would be end up to be a web + mobile application for iOS.

## How we built it The iOS app was built using xCode, using Objective-C, and Swift. API's used for iOS were Sinch. For the Web app, AWS servers were used to run Ruby on Rails thats front end was written in HTML and CSS.

## Challenges we ran into Challenges that the team and I ran into was how many refugee's had access to smart phones, a computer or the internet. After a bit of research we learned that in Syria, they have 87 phones to 100 people. We are hoping that if people do not have access to these resources that they go to the immigration offices, airports, or seaports where they could apply and hopefully get to use the app.

## Accomplishments that I'm proud of Getting the code to run without an error is always an accomplishment.

## What I learned Team work is key. Without such an amazing and dedicated team I do not believe we could have gotten so far. We come from different places, did not know each other until the hackathon but were able to put our heads together and got it to work! For the iOS developers we learned a ton about API intergration, as well as Swift. For Web Developers, they had learned a lot about server side, backend, frontend, and ruby of rails.

## What's next for RefyouFree Working on this project is happening right after we get out of the hackathon. We have messaged various United Nation Members along with members part of the Canadian Immigration Office to see if we would be allowed to do this idea. Although the team met this weekend, it has a high compatibility and a great work ethic to get stuff done.

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