Have you ever become interested in a cited work while you are reading an article and had to open a new browser, get on your preferred bibliography search engine, copy and past the reference information trying to find the article?  You are not alone. Millions of researchers encounter this problem on a daily basis.  Now with RefView, the bibliographical information, including the abstract or even the full text of all referenced articles are only a few click away. RefView helps researchers expand their readings by providing ways to easily access information of referenced works while reading an article. Using RefView, researchers can read annotated information of the referenced articles such as MeSH headings without leaving the full text article page in ScienceDirect. RefView also provides links to open the references in PubMed or Google Scholar, or to open it in PubMed Central to read the free full text if available.  RefView is built on public web services. It uses FreeCite[1] to parse the references, and it searches and retrieves information from PubMed through the Entrez-AJAX API[2], which is built on the NCBI Entrez web services[3].  References:

  1. FreeCite. http://freecite.library.brown.edu/welcome2. Loman, N. and M. Pallen (2010). EntrezAJAX: direct web browser access to the Entrez Programming Utilities. Source Code for Biology and Medicine 5(1): 6.3. NCBI Entrez Utilities Web Service. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query/static/esoap_help.html  

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