Inspiration comes from one of our friends that does furniture refurbishments for extra income.\

What it does

We run an art workshop for disadvantage groups where we hope to help improve their mental health through art. All refurbished items are then sold and profits are put back into expanding our reach across UK. We collect old furniture through donations

How we built it

We built our platform using React, Bootstrap and Firebase

Challenges we ran into

The biggest technical challenge we faced was around encoding the user's donation image. We wanted our users to have the ability to upload a picture of the item they would like to put up for donation. Once they submit their donation, the item would be processed and listed onto our Workshop space, ready to get refurbished. In order to do this, we needed to translate the image uploaded from the users file system into a format that would allow us to save the image to the database and retrieve it in our Workshop tab. We resulted in using the FileReader() to read our data from Blob, and send the image to the database in Base64. The next step was to pass the image in Base64 format between our screens via URL params. As Base64 and URL's query strings have some overlap, we needed to use the encodeURLComponent() and in turn the decodeURLComponent() functions in order the encode the URL and use it as the source of the item's image.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how fast we got to work together as a team considering we never met before.

What we learned

Technically, we learned to use React.js again. It has been a while since we have all graduated from our bootcamp, and no longer use the same technology in our jobs. Getting back into coding in React.js, which some of us had not touched in about a year, was a little tricky at first but old habits come back quick. As a remote hack, we learned how to communicate between ourselves efficiently and stay pro-active at a distance. All 3 of us have learned something new, whether that is new resources (Bootstrap, SVGs, Icon creations) and implementing working around new concept (eg. the solution to our technical challenge above). As this was our 1st Hackathon experience, we learned to manage our time, rank the priorities of our work load, and help each other with various tasks.

What's next for Refurbyshed

We think this idea is very much doable in real life and we hope we would be able to implement it. Next step is to gather donations for art supplies, find volunteers to do the art classes and find a location.

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