The comunity of small retaillers from my country Cape Verde faces big challenges because of the very formal systems of finacing and governement. Particulary in these times facing the problem of not geting a money selling their goods at the streets.

What it does

THe platform provide Just in time funding for the comunity of these retailers

How I built it

Basing on the Hedera Consensus Service to provide a trusted network to get funds from the banks and make it acessbly for the informal maket

Challenges I ran into

Buiilding the service on hedera, but we was able to do the first steps and know the tecnology

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to run a real world virtual machine on the cloud platform - Digital Ocean

What I learned

I was able to know a huge world of new tecnology to explore from cloud computing to blockchain private, public and now the consensus service from Hedera Hashgraph. Its great to see thes new tecnology and what is possible to accomplish with then

What's next for Refund - just in time funding for the informal market

This is a new field to explore exploring the blockchain services at Hedera is the first step to get into the field as it provides a user friendly aproach. The target market for this projet has greate potential, both to come with new inovatives solutions and to help the comunity

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