It is the condition of the migrant who has inspired us. When he arrives in a country that is unknown to him, the migrant is in the questioning. Where will he sleep, where will he take a shower, where will Does he eat or find a coat in winter time? How does he meet a doctor, who must inform him about the administrative procedures and the filing of his asylum application?

What it does

The Refuhelp web application is a solution to this problem faced by refugees. The application is simple, interactive, intuitive, presented with sober icons because the image is a universal language understood by all. The application adapts to all types of terminal, mobile phone, laptop, and tablets.

How I built it

Refulhelp is built in Html5, Css3, Javascript, framework, and APIs. It is updated at the instant T

Challenges I ran into

Our computers were failing, the pressure of the hackathon, and insomnia

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have completed the application on time, and a pride to have produced a tool that will help thousands of people in the world. We have also put a special section for migrants with disabilities

What I learned

Work under pressure, meet several people, several professional profiles, pitch in front of an audience

What's next for Refuhelp

A webtv, and many other solutions

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