With over 7,000 languages in the world, it's hard to choose a name in just one language for our project. As a team, we found that in almost every language the meaning of the exclamation "Huh!?" is universal! The word "Huh!?" encompasses a lot. For one, it symbolizes our drive to ask questions when discovering new things. When meeting new people, especially ones different from us, we may find ourselves asking a lot of questions. Our app encourages that! We provide many opportunities for locals interested in other cultures to connect with immigrants interested in learning more about local life. By connecting with others you might not normally run into, you form new, strong communities. "Huh!?" is also a reaction to something interesting. Our app allows its users to host their own events celebrating their own cultures and inviting others. This way, we can discover all the different things that makes us all unique! Finally, we say "Huh!?" to when we misunderstand someone. Whether it be they were talking with their mouth full or they are in the process of learning a new language- we all use this word in our daily lives. Therefore, we utilized a language feature where events and businesses can be tagged with certain languages. Therefore, immigrants can feel comfortable going to businesses where they know they will be understood, and locals interested in learning more about other languages can get involved in that culture. When you use our app, every time you say "Huh!?" you take another step to broadening your horizon.

What it does

Our app connects users to a map which shows events of other cultures and gives information on the immigrant-friendliness of businesses.

How we built it

"Huh?!" was built by a team of 6 dedicated Computer Science/Math Majors who love to create new and exciting projects. This being the very first time we have competed in Global Hacks were excited to see what we had to offer. The work was divided into three different subcategories including backend communication, front-end interaction, and projects dealing with special projects such as chrome extensions and Android applications.

Challenges we ran into

One of our biggest challenges was the inability to work with one of our teammates for a majority of the competition. But, they were able to make it back for crunch time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The biggest accomplishment that we've had was the interaction with the Google Maps Places API. With this, we were able to really get our ideas out there while also displaying it on a custom-made interface using React.

What's next for Huh!?

There are so many features that we didn't get to implement given the time constraint but once we have more time we can really get something going.

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