We are creating individualized education curricula for refugee girls aged 10-19 who cannot attend school. Our platform allows anyone in the world to apply to mentor and teach these girls in their desired subjects. Once a mentor applies on the platform, we match them with a refugee girl who is seeking an education in their specialty and who speaks the same language. After a thorough background check, the mentor is then able to send or upload a document which includes all of the educational material in the subject. The girl can then download it once and learn from it. We also have a Q+A page, as well as mentorship that is not academic. Instead of selecting a course to learn from a mentor, the girl could select a skill such as “public speaking” and then the mentor would coach them in that skill, and provide a very individual approach to their learning. If the girl learns better through the videos, the mentor could either upload or send a video that the girl could download. It is a very individualized approach to learning and it also focuses on mentorship and career counseling. Also, it re-instills in these girls that they have the strength, confidence and intelligence to succeed. There is also a focus on mental health that other education platforms do not offer. Our target audience is school aged girls (10-19) in refugee camps.
We also deal with the issue of connectivity by allowing the videos and documents to be downloaded so they do not require constant wifi access.

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