There is a disconnect between refugee-owned businesses and consumers as the existing information is fragmented.

What it does

Digitally connecting communities with refugee-owned businesses.

How we built it

Twitterbot @RefugeeBiz to make it easier to find and support their nearest refugee-owned businesses.

Challenges we ran into

Identifying the problem.

Determining if there is a market and if the product viable.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A diverse group of people with varying skills and experiences, who were able to collectively solve a problem

Thinking on our feet and learning to let go of ideas that are not viable.

What we learned

Specifically identifying the problems, Framing the solution/s Using feedback to influence product development and marketing strategy. How to deliver a solution in a short and compressed time frame.

What's next for RefugeeBiz

Creating a database of businesses and building our Twitterbot @RefugeeBiz

We need your help and we need your support. Vote for us in People's Choice. Follow us on twitter @RefugeeBiz

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