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RefreshAR started with a bunch of us having tea at a cafe, where we observed a man flipping through his diary. It reminded us of the importance of making timeless yet accessible memories. Moving to a Digital Age, most of our memories are stored in the cloud. With all our memories stored in a digital space, it has become more challenging to share these precious memories, especially as a gift. With that problem in mind, we hope to replicate such an interactive experience by we tapping on our interest and expertise in Augmented Reality: Making pictures come to life.

RefreshAR uses two main user clients, one as a web application and another as an IOS application. The web application serves as a cloud platform for users to upload their images and videos which will be sent to the IOS application. Users will be able to give away their memories to their loved ones while still sharing it through the digital space. We wish to bring the human touch to postcards while keeping modern days conveniences with cloud technology. With that, we believe RefreshAR has the potential to bring a new dimension to people's lives, revolutionising the media industry, one post card at a time.

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