Mental well-being was the single most challenge that everyone has been noticing in 2020. Studies have shown the many benefits that emotional awareness and monitoring can bring.

There are currently many mood tracking apps on the market. However, data from IOS and Play Store indicate that none of the existing apps have been able to gain significant traction. Meta Analysis on mood tracking apps have shown that most apps lack adequate support for the Action (i.e. act based on the insights gained through the app) and Preparation (i.e. motivation to actively use the app) stage of mood tracking.

What it does

Our app intends to support Preparation through Gamification, which includes a Journey system, milestones and badges.

  • With Journey, users are able to see the progress they have been making and reflect on the change and growth they have experienced.
  • Badges and Milestones enable positive reinforcements to help develop useful habits.

As the result, Gamification keeps the process exciting and allows users to stay motivated to continue tracking their mood,

The Action stage is supported by the meaningful insights and data generated in the dashboard. Users are able to view how their mood changes over time. In addition, users are able to track their most enjoyed activity and their least appreciated activity. All of these are useful data for users to take on the right actions.

Through mood tracking and emotional reflections, the app intends to guide users towards long-term, healthy habits to sustain improved emotional health.

How I built it

Front-end: React.js, next.js, material-ui, axios
Back-end: node.js, express.js and firebase

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot of challenges setting up firebase since its the first we tried it out. Since none of us are designers, we researched a lot on the proper app design.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We truly think Mental wellbeing is an important area that should be better supported. We are very proud that our app is trying to address this issue. This app helps us better understand ways that we can do more in this area.

In addition, we are proud of the app design and the technologies we learned in this hackathon.

What I learned

We learned a lot about Gamification theories and good Gamification design. We learned a lot about how to use firebase and designing a visually appealing app.

What's next for Refresh

  • Recommendation of events for the user to complete to improve user’s mood based on past journaling. We want to leverage NLP and ML to provide better analytics for the users
  • IOS and Android ports so users can more easily take the app on the go.

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