Inspiration - I'm bored a lot, but often I'm too lazy to look up something interesting to keep myself occupied. This app would handle the searching and providing of articles with a few clicks.

What it does - The concept of the app is to provide interesting articles with minimum effort of having to search for them.

How we built it - We used meteor to structure the app and provide it on a mobile platform. It was written in classic html, css, and javascript

Challenges I ran into - Learning meteor was a big curve that we had to overcome. While it was mysterious at first, after a day we were able to understand and use its basic functionality to build the basis of the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of-Learning meteor was a pretty big task, but now with some of the functionality down I'm excited to be able to use if in the future

What's next for reFresh-continue to edit our github repo and make it better!


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