Our submission is a reflection of our team's frustrations and aspirations on the one story narrative that has dominated mainstream media around the world. We spent our time talking about our frustration with the lack of cultural context in news and how we could use technology and humans, working together, to provide a fuller picture of our realities. We are a diverse group (six people from six different countries and three continents). We also come from different professional backgrounds; we have a multimedia journalist, a print journalist, a development specialist, a future strategist, an educator and a developer on our team. We came up with a solution to a common problem: Fact is that it is hard from a production and a consumption angle to connect readers with stories that carry varied voices that offer different perspectives compared to those of traditional media. With reference to the current coverage of the Ebola outbreak, we deduced that it is very easy to overlook and make assumptions on the impact of cultural and historical factors on a subject matter that attracts international coverage. Taking such perspectives into consideration often offers a better understanding of the context of the story. Together, we developed Reframe which is an app that helps readers connect to these alternative voices, so that cultural and historical aspects can be brought it so as to enable a more comprehensive understanding of events.

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