ReFleX was born out of the idea of competing against yourself instead of others, resulting in steady improvement recurring satisfaction. Pre-existing fitness apps and services offer no incentive to the user to actually achieve their goals, rendering the app ineffective..

ReFleX uses the Google Fit API to access user data including calories burned, steps taken, hours slept and activity. Each month, an app-defined health goal is presented to the user based on their personal data. This health goal pushes the user to achieve slightly more than the previous month. The users of ReFleX are incentivized to achieve this improvement . How do we do this? We use a simple positive feedback model: when you achieve your personal goal for the month, you are rewarded with cash, but if failing to achieve your goal results in penalty. The amount collected through all the under-performers is pooled and distributed among those who meet their goal.

ReFleX was built with standard HTML, CSS, Javascript and Django. Challenges we faced included data manipulation and parsing data sent by the Google API.

We're proud of the dashboard we made, which includes google charts, and the fact that we were able to create an authenticated google login. We're especially proud of presented a largely finished web app, considering this is a beginner hack.

Fitness implementation with fitness wear, and the addition of more unique, personalized functionality.

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