What it does

Goodmorning Mode. Every morning it'll turn into a resource for your morning routine. It has a weather app, a calendar app, a bunch of screensavers, a clock, and soon, Amazon Alexa (a customized Siri). And it's a mirror!

How we built it

At PennApps we focused on building its frame with a embedded input device, and refactoring the software. Around 10 hours spent modelling and fabricating the mirror frame and plastic input panel. Around 14 hours learning reactjs and coding the calendar and clock app. Around 12 hours of sleep.

Challenges we ran into

The display controller broke (and couldn't be fixed), the laser cut wood didn't fit well together at first, the 3D printed part broke (but could be fixed), the input device got misplaced

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The frame really came together in the end. The frame has intricate layers and tight clearances.

What we learned

Going from idea to sketch to prototype to 3d model to fabrication is quite a journey. Reactjs can be very clean, but takes time to get the hang of. I feel like the tech stack we came up with is an accomplishment.

What's next for Reflectrum

Finish the software refactor, finish the input device, fix the broken hardware, get Amazon Alexa integrated. Project updates will be on Hackaday.io. Soon it'll be up on Michelle's wall in Berkeley.

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