When we came up with the idea for Reflector, we immediately became extremely excited as we realized it would extend the benefits of web-style conversion funnels and analytics into the physical world for retail stores.

Complete Features:

  • front facing camera converts devices into mirrors
  • automatic recognition of a retailer's products in mirror (Ocutag)
  • product metadata displays on screen (name, price, etc.) (Macy's, Best Buy)

  • Omron integration tracks demographic info about persons in front of mirror (gender, age, expressions)

  • demographic data is piped into Google Analytics

  • snapshots of users in mirror are saved for realtime or after-the-fact analytics (Firebase, partially complete)

Incomplete Features:

  • demographic data around store entry and purchase conversions
  • demographic data around store displays and interest/reactions
  • add to cart option tracks items throughout the store
  • active recommendations displayed on screen around what people of similar demographics purchased with this item
  • a woman purchasing a purse may be recommended matching shoes that another woman in her age range purchased while a man purchasing the purse may be recommended jewelry or a pocket book that another man in his age range purchased to help complete that birthday/valentines day gift
  • call for assistance button
  • selfie option and social sharing
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