The use of smart technology has been rising with home appliances, and one of the ideas we wanted to experience/have fun with is a Smart Mirror without the use of any other technologies.

What it does

It's a smart Mirror with voice recognition, it makes it convenient to see the news/weather/ compliments and relevant things in the morning without the need to look them up. Plus it looks sick.

How I built it

Using Magic Mirror^2, SphinxBase, PocketSphinx and AWS lamdas. This voice recognition app works offline, so no worries about stealing your privacy!

Challenges I ran into

My Amazon AWS account didn't get approved for the credits yet, the raspberry pi is a small device and i couldn't do intensive tasks. Limited dictionary, some latency, and some bugged detection. The remote works but sadly the Iowa State network limited it so you can't access it from different devices.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to reconfigure it back to sphinx even though we had the lamdas for the AWS configured and were waiting for the credits.

What I learned

I had never used a Raspberry Pi before, so installing raspbian was a new process and then configuring it. I had also learnt the API for Alexa and Google Assistant.

What's next for

Add a leap motion controller and use gestures to swipe between modules. Fully integerate Alexa and Google Assistant

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