JIRA is great for planing and tracking projects. But what about everything else? Personal tasks like: reporting time, talk to a colleague about an issue, install a new software update... A lot of tasks doesn't fit into a project or are only relevant to you.

What it does

No more post-its or switching between applications. RefinedTodo works within JIRA allowing you to keep all your tasks in one single place. Todos are personal - feel free to add whatever Todo that's important to YOU.

Create Todos connected to an issue AND get Issue status reminders whenever the status is changed or when set to a particular status. Edit status or access Issues directly from a Todo.

Create and check Todos easily and quickly. Organize Todos using tags, filter and sorting. RefinedTodo helps you focus on the NOW and leave everything else for LATER. Reminders and deadlines keeps you from forgetting.

Challenges I ran into

Building a complex one page app using backbone.js.

What's next for RefinedTodo for JIRA

Including todos/task from external systems like Confluence, Bitbucket ..

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