Overview Using a web application, RefillWizard allows physicians to define custom protocols for medication refills allowing subsequent access by their team (e.g. MAs, RNs).  With access, the team can complete medication refills under certain circumstances (ie. defined by the physician) or at a minimum "prepare" the refill requests for the physicians so they have all the information needed to make a decision on the refill request.  We estimate RefillWizard can save the doctor upwards of 30 minutes a day and decrease turn-around time from 48 hours to 2 hours for patients.  Using RefillWizard, physicians can spend less time performing refills, and more on what they do best - caring for patients.  With that said, RefillWizard does not replace the physician, but it is designed to handle the simple, repeatable tasks which can be handled by software.  If RefillWizard is ever unsure the best course of action, it will always refer to the physician's knowledge. By incorporating protocols into practice, RefillWizard can improve quality by ensuring consistant, effective care across the entire patient population.  RefillWizard ensures that these protocols are followed by capturing them in application logic. RefillWizard works by: The Physician modifies the standard set of refill protocols (provided on signup). When a medication needs to be refilled, the staff members select the medications to refill, enter the appropriate information, and follow the instructions created by the system to refill the prescription. Data Sources The following NLM data sources were used in the creation of this product: RxNorm for clinical drug packs and brand packs (tty=scd,sbd) NDF-RT API for VA medication classes.

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