The inspiration for this project was to reduce human effort and to promote the ease of completing distant legal paperwork. As one of the oldest industries, it continues to lack to ability to transform technologically and advance towards the future. There are also extenuating factors such as COVID-19 that restrict individuals from interactions. This project continues to justify the use of automation to reduce human interaction and resolve matters in an accelerated manner.

What it does

This project allows the user to complete the needed documents by entering the necessary information required by the form. This project then compiles the information into a completed form which is finally sent for approval directly to the lawyer or judge. In specific situations, for example, a divorce the documentation is standard and the paperwork that follows can be easily automated by two parties that mutually agree upon the conditions. The automation for the document can be the names of the parties involved, date of birth, address, etc.

How we built it

We have built a website using various resources that range from Bootstrap, Brackets and VS code which are used to input information on the website which is then stored. This stored information is then used by UiPath to compile and finalize the forms in Word Format. In the creation of the website, we referred to online CSS files as well that provided support to better customize the documents. The process of creating the website was taken in stages, as we created the UX design to outline the proper formation of the product, followed by the appropriate code to follow. The languages involved in the creation of the website were CSS/HTML and Python in a Flask framework. In regards to the UiPath, the final objective was to create a form that captures text and processes the data to replace the documentation. This enables the admin to monitor the data that is apprehended by the software and easily automate the information.

Challenges we ran into

In each step of the process, there were several challenges that we encountered. First and foremost, understanding the UiPath technology created difficultly from the start in regards to assessing how the implementation should occur. From the start, our original idea was feasible and appeared to be valid using the technology. We had the right tools (e.g. template contract) from the start, however, we had to understand how to use those tools to realize our idea.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As this was the first hackathon for each team member, we are surely proud of the journey that led us here. We all met each other as strangers online from different cities & provinces, however we have managed to have consistent communication, collaboration and dedication for the finish line. We all entered this hackathon to learn and develop our skills, and we part ways 24 hours later having gone beyond our goals. From learning a new automation technology to sharpening our front-end skills, each member greatly contributed to the team.

What we learned

At this hackathon, we learned how to use UiPath, Github, Bootstrap and great communication during an online hackathon!

What's next for Refillr

As this hackathon wraps up, we are proud of the depth we've made to get where we are now. To continue along this path, we want to provide other forms of documentation that are available in the legal sector. For example, the Immigration and Consumer Protection are both specific sectors that can benefit from our platform. Moreover, we envision the company to grow into other industries such as medicine. Similarly to the legal industry, the medical field has also had a very slow pace to technologically transfer their data. This can be resolved with our platform that would not have an extreme cost and easily accessible.

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